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Midex: Digital Asset Platform

Midex provides a cryptocurrency exchange and financial platform.

As cryptocurrencies increasingly become mainstream, financial institutions must adjust to this emerging asset class and allow customers to fully utilize them for their personal and financial needs. Midex is one such company seeking to bridge the gap between this emerging asset class and the traditional financial world.

Among the services offered by Midex on its platform is the licensed Midex Exchange, which allows customers to freely trade cryptocurrency and fiat currency pairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Midex Exchange customers can obtain the private keys to their cryptocurrency wallets, unlike at other exchanges. This exchange is live and accepting new users. As a platform with a working product, Midex stands out for actually delivering services that cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts can actually use. In this industry, many companies are currently making promises and seeking funds without even a product or even team assembled.

Midex will also offer other essential financial services on its platform, such as debit and credit cards for shopping and withdrawing cash from an ATM, loans, investment services, news, and escrow services. Customers will also be able to interact with a virtual Midex office and employee using a VR headset to have any basic questions about the platform answered.  For businesses, Midex will make accepting payments from customers in cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies easy, thus opening up the possibility of attracting new customers who prefer to use cryptocurrencies over fiat currencies for payment. Potentially, businesses that accept payments using the Midex platform can save substantial amounts of money in the long run by avoiding the high fees charged by conventional payment processors.

The native token of the platform, MDX, is ERC20 compatible and runs on top of the Ethereum blockchain. MDX tokens allow users to obtain services and products on the platform, and MDX token holders will receive 20 percent of the daily commissions generated by the exchange and other services on the platform. As an integral part of the platform, MDX tokens have value that users will recognize and appreciate.

The  Midex crowdsale that began January 15, 2018 ends April 15, 2018. For the remainder of the crowdsale, the MDX token will sell for $1. The funds raised during the crowdsale will cover the expenses of developing and marketing the platform. ICOBench has given Midex a laudable 4.7 rating. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in a platform that gives essential financial services to cryptocurrency owners may want to review this project further while doing their due diligence. If Midex achieves the goals set out on its roadmap, it can potentially become a highly disruptive force in global finance.

*I am receiving MDX tokens for the growth of the community.

To find more information about Midex:

Website: https://ico.midex.com

Whitepaper: https://ico.midex.com/docs/Whitepaper_EN.pdf