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Mark.Space: Next Generation Internet

Mark.Space will bring the next generation of internet by combining it with virtual reality and the blockchain.

With the goal to revolutionize and enhance the experience of the internet, Mark.Space will use blockchain technology to allow users of its platform to create virtual 3D spaces linked to a web address. With blockchain technology, transactions are transparent and immutable, fostering an ecosystem that functions similar to the real world.

Though professional software can be used to design units of space in the virtual world, the platform will allow users to design their units by providing easy-to-use tools. Any browser can be used to access the ecosystem, giving anyone an opportunity to enjoy the unique content on the platform and to buy and design their own unit. Once a unit linked to a web address is bought and designed, the user can post the web address on social media to engage other users and show their creativity. The 3D nature of the Mark.Space platform will take the internet to the next level, giving users novel experiences.

Users will have the ability to buy, sell, and rent units on the platform. Goods and services can also be freely traded on the platform, with the native token, MRK, used as a means of exchange. Given the creativity the platform fosters, artists will find the platform particularly useful. Advertisers can buy or rent spaces to spread awareness of goods and services. Because transactions are transparently and securely made on the blockchain, the ownership of virtual land will not be contested. Additionally, copyrights and trademarks will be enforced on the platform, just as in the real world.

The crowdsale for Mark.Space offering the MRK token at $0.10 ends February 28, 2018. The MRK token is ERC20 compatible and can be stored in popular Ethereum wallets, and traded at exchanges. As the platform grows in use, the MRK token has the potential to increase. No more than three billion MRK tokens will be created, keeping the supply fixed for investors and token holders to avoid dilution of value. Investors who would like to play a role in expanding the possibilities of the internet by applying virtual reality and blockchain technology may find this project highly interesting as an investment.

*I am receiving Mark tokens for the growth of the community.

Author: pushups44

To learn more about Mark.Space:

Website: https://mark.space/

Whitepaper: https://mark.space/files/wp/WP_en.pdf