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Thrive: Digital Ads Powered by Blockchain

Thrive is an ad marketplace powered by blockchain.

Using the power and efficiency of blockchain technology, Thrive intends to create the world’s premier decentralized marketplace that best meets the needs of advertisers and consumers. As a marketplace powered by the blockchain, it will bring transparency to the industry, lower costs for businesses, and protect brands.

The blockchain will be a disruptive technology in virtually all industries and particularly in advertising. Given its distributed and censorship-resistant nature, it cannot be controlled by monopolies or special interests that prevent competition. Because transactions on the blockchain are transparent and globally viewable, and given their secure and immutable nature, fraud and cheating are minimized if not eliminated. The smart contract capabilities of the Thrive blockchain will remove the need for intermediaries such as brokers, thus reducing costs for advertisers. Smart contracts are contracts that self-execute when two parties to a transaction have met their part of the bargain. As self-executing contracts, they are trustless, essentially removing the need for parties to concern themselves with the trustworthiness of a third party.

For the advertising industry, protecting the image of brands is essential. Increasingly, brands are concerned about their ads being placed next to inappropriate online content, such as hate speech or obscenity. Given the value that brands have for businesses, the placement of their ads next to inappropriate content has the potential to harm their image and business. Thrive will protect brands by incentivizing users to rate websites so that advertisers will be better able to select publishers who meet their criteria and also engage in more targeted marketing. The misplacement of ads in the industry today not only damages the reputation of a business, but also reduces conversion as users of these websites are unlikely to be paying customers to the business. As a platform that protects brands, Thrive will be a premium ad marketplace for businesses that prefer quality over quantity.

At first, Thrive will issue its own token, THRT, as an ERC20 token running on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Eventually, once development is finished, the project will release its own proprietary blockchain capable of executing smart contracts along with its own cryptocurrency. The THRT token is used to fuel the ecosystem as a form of payment and will be used for rewarding users who review websites, according to the quality and reliability of their reviews. Users can also choose to share their data with advertisers in exchange for THRT.

The main crowdsale for Thrive is taking place March 10, 2018 to April 5, 2018, unless the hard cap of 27,500,000 euros is reached. The hard cap is the upper limit of what the project will accept from investors before the crowdsale closes. During this crowdsale, THRT will cost 0.25 euro. Investors who wish to take part in the crowdsale of a project that aims to bring more transparency to the advertising industry should consider joining this interesting project.

*I am receiving Thrive tokens for the growth of the community.

To find more information about Thrive:

Website: https://ico.thrivelabs.io/

Whitepaper: https://ico.thrivelabs.io/documents/thrive_whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/thriveico