EQUI: Digital Venture Capitalism

EQUI brings venture capitalism to the Digital Age.

The tokenization of the global economy has paved the way for venture capitalism to finally be freed from the clutches of the ultra-wealthy, and to be available to ordinary investors. EQUI, founded by esteemed entrepreneurs Doug Barrowman and Baroness Mone of Mayfair, is the most prominent example of this expansion of economic opportunity.

The tokenization of the economy allows for businesses to raise funds from a wider array of investors, unhampered by national borders or antiquated regulations. The Ethereum blockchain, on top of which the native token of the platform, EQUItoken, runs, is decentralized and censorship-resistant, allowing anyone in the world to participate in its network. Moreover, the Ethereum blockchain is immutable and transparent, preventing hackers and thieves from reversing transactions, and allowing users to verify the transactions in the network. The expanded possibilities for raising money utilizing the blockchain will allow more businesses to raise the funds that they need to thrive, stimulating economies and creating jobs. The blockchain can potentially bring about unparalleled economic growth, especially in developing nations where credit for small and medium-sized businesses is scarce.

Venture capitalists have played a critical role for startups and emerging businesses by providing funds and expertise in exchange for surrendering a portion or share of the business. The founders of EQUI, Doug Barrowman and Baroness Mone of Mayfair, will provide businesses with access to funding, mentorship, and strategic guidance on the platform, and both have massive credibility for this undertaking. Doug Barrowman, who founded the Knox Group, manages about £1.5 billion in funds. Baroness Mone of Mayfair founded and currently owns a 20 percent stake in the lingerie company Ultimo, and has complete ownership of fake-tanning brand UTan. Having been raised in a working-class family, she rose to become an eminent businesswoman, eventually being given peerage. She is highly sought-after as a speaker, commanding £25,000 per speech in the UK.

To invest in startups using the platform, users will need EQUItokens, which are ERC20 compatible and can be stored in popular Ethereum wallets. Those who invest in companies within the platform get to keep 75 percent of the net profits, and the remaining 25 percent will go to the team to ensure they are incentivized to provide their knowledge and experience for the growth of the platform.  Given the essential support the team will provide to businesses, 25 percent is a reasonable amount for compensation.

The presale for EQUI will take place from March 1, 2018 to March 14, 2018, and the main crowdsale will take place from March 15, 2018 to April 12, 2018. During the main crowdsale, EQUI will have a nominal price of $0.50. Those who wish to participate in the main crowdsale must buy at least $100 of EQUItokens. For cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are interested in a project combining the traditional venture capitalist world with the emerging world of cryptocurrencies, this crowdsale may be appealing.

*I am receiving EQUItokens for the growth of the community.

To find more information about EQUI:

Website: https://equi.capital/

Whitepaper: https://equi.capital/whitepaper/EQUI_Whitepaper_050218.pdf