Create Bitcoin Wallet

You can create your bitcoin wallet safely and easily. We have partnered with StrongCoin, a leading wallet provider in the cryptocurrency space.

Create secure bitcoin wallet.

StrongCoin is a hybrid bitcoin wallet, meaning it can send and receive bitcoins. The wallet also encrypts your private key before sending your bitcoins, offering a layer of protection. By encrypting the private key, only you can know your private key during a transaction. Wallet providers lacking encryption for private keys are at risk of an employee or a hacker obtaining and misusing them. Additionally, StongCoin users can decrypt the private key to have access to it if they so choose to have the unencrypted version safely stored.

StrongCoin also creates backups so that if you lose your bitcoin file on your computer you will still be able to claim your coins. These backups are done offsite for your protection.

StrongCoin is the longest running bitcoin wallet, having begun in 2011. Also for your convenience, the services provides a PDF of all of your transactions and your balance to allow you to monitor your wallet with peace of mind.

You can also buy bitcoins on the StrongCoin website, so you don’t have to keep your money or coins on an exchange. Exchanges have become prime targets for hackers continually looking for backdoors. You can buy your bitcoins with confidence that they will be yours and kept away from vulnerable third-party exchanges.

Currently, over 100,000 people trust StrongCoin as their bitcoin wallet provider. The service works on all devices, including tablets, desktops, and smartphones.