Coinvest: Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading

Coinvest aims to be the first decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform.

Seeking to capitalize on the exponential growth of cryptocurrencies in popularity and value, Coinvest aims to build the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency trading platform, with additional features planned for the future to take care of the financial needs of its users.

Essentially, the Coinvest platform allows users to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies and index funds. The native token of the platform, COIN, provides liquidity and is needed to buy and sell these assets. The conversion from these assets to COIN is fast and frictionless. By allowing investors to gain exposure to cryptocurrencies easily, Coinvest aims to increase mainstream adoption of them and build a thriving community of users.

By employing its native token and smart contracts — contracts that execute automatically when conditions set by two parties are met — costs and complexity are eliminated. Rather than using brokers to execute or facilitate trades, the smart contracts create an immutable record on the blockchain that is instant and trustless. By eliminating third parties and processing transactions with its unique software protocol, substantial savings are passed on to users of the platform.

The Coinvest crypto exchange is decentralized and transparent.

As a decentralized platform, Coinvest does not accept or manage any funds. Funds deposited by customers are held in escrow and made available using smart contracts, thus requiring no human intervention. The lack of intermediaries involved in these transactions will prevent fraud and malfeasance.

To incentivize use of the platform, traders will earn COIN based on their volume of trading. For every 10 trades, users will receive COIN equivalent to the value of one trade. Users of the platform can also earn COIN by allowing others to mimic their trading, known as copy-trading.

Eventually, Coinvest will allow users to have their own debit card for purchasing goods and services globally. The platform will also provide margin, futures, and options trading. By providing a wide range of financial services, Coinvest can potentially become a very disruptive force in global finance.

The ICO for Coinvest will begin February 16 and is scheduled to end March 16, 2018, if the hard cap of $30 million is not met. In total, 107 million COIN will be minted. The COIN token is ERC20 compliant and runs on top of the Ethereum protocol.

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