Centra Card for Cryptocurrencies

The Centra debit card is convenient for cryptocurrency owners.

While bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthusiasts generally have felt frustrated at times trying to cash their digital currency, one company, Centra, now aims to provide a debit card card that will allow cryptocurrency holders to spend their digital currency with ease with the Centra Card.

With this innovative idea of facilitating cryptocurrency transactions, the ICO of Centra has been met with enthusiasm from investors, who so far have poured in millions of dollars for a stake in the project. The Centra Card got added publicity when it was promoted by retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, who is an official ambassador of the card.

Currently, the Centra Card allows holders of bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Monero, Zcash, Ripple, and ERC20 compatible cards to use their cryptocurrencies for spending with the card, and more coins are expected to be added to the list. Cardholders will also be able to use the Centra Card wherever Visa and MasterCard are accepted, which means the card can be used internationally and at millions of merchant locations worldwide. This card will bring extra convenience to travelers, given its international acceptance.

The Centra Card is accepted by millions of merchants.

For the peace of mind of customers, the Centra Card will be insured against theft. Cryptocurrencies have been susceptible to hacking, with exchanges and other companies dealing in them becoming primary targets. Additionally, the insurance will cover internal theft in case of a rogue employee of the company. Security will be a top priority for Centra Card.

Customers who use the Centra Card will be able to convert their cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies at zero cost. This will spur added interest in the program, given that most cryptocurrency exchanges charge exorbitant fees due to lack of competition and regulation. As more people migrate to using cryptocurrencies, Centra Card will be able to capture a large number of these customers. Additionally, Centra will create cBay, a marketplace that will offer discounts to cryptocurrency owners, and which will offer over 100,000 items of various categories, with plans to expand its inventory.

The Centra Card app will allow customers to view their account information on mobile devices. They will be able to see how much cryptocurrencies they own, their value in fiat currency, as well as their transaction history. Customers will thus be able to monitor their account activity and feel assured that their assets are safe and secure.

*I am receiving Centra tokens for the growth of the community.

To learn more about the Centra Card:

Official website:  https://www.centra.tech/token-sale/

Whitepaper: https://www.centra.tech/CentraWhitePaper.pdf

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentraCard

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Centra_Card

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